• Lesson 1 (Arabic letter shapes )
  • Lesson 2 (Sound of Arabic letters)
  • Lesson 3 (Arabic diacritics)
  • Lesson 4 (Arabic verb conjugation)
  • Lesson 5 (Arabic Phrases)

  • Arabic verb conjugation

    When conjugating Arabic verbs, there are three aspects about the subject (i.e. the one doing the verb) to keep in mind:
    A- Person (third, second, and first): The third person is used when you are talking about the subject and the subject is not present, the second person is used when you are addressing the subject, and the first person is used when you yourself are the subject.
    B- Gender (masculine and feminine).
    C-Plurality (singular, dual, and plural).

    Arabic uses all three persons and it uses the masculine and feminine genders with no neutral.
    Plurality in Arabic is of three types: singular, dual, and plural. Dual indicates on two entities and plural indicates on three or more entities.

    Free Conjugation for Arabic Verb


    You can download the free Basic Conjugation for Arabic Verb table in PDF format from here

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