Learn Arabic for free with shibam

shibam, is a non profitable group. The main objective is to explain and teach the Arabic Language for free to everyone who is interested.

The other objective is to provide useful information about Arabic Culture and Resources, including Arabic Search Engines , Arabic Software, Arabic Names and Proverbs.

We provide free Arabic Lessons for learning Arabic and we are planning to expand our services to provide lessons for Urdu and other languages.

The name shibam originates from the town Shibam in Yemen. It is often called "the oldest skyscraper city in the world" or "the Manhattan of the Middle East" and "the Chicago of the desert". It is one of the oldest and best examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction. The city has some of the tallest mud buildings in the world, with some of them over 30 meters (100 feet) high, thus being early high-rise apartment buildings. In order to protect the buildings from rain and erosion, the walls must be routinely maintained by applying fresh layers of mud.